Actress ~ Voice Over Artist ~ Puppeteer

Fun Facts About Jaime

*Jaime is a founding member of PUPPETS AMOK, a Los Angeles based puppet comedy troupe.

*Jaime has a dog named Grover Cleveland, named for the only U.S. President to serve two              non-consecutive terms (22nd and 24th.)

*Jaime is a self-proclaimed "Simpsons Trivia Champ." Go ahead, quiz her.

*Jaime owns a large collection of Treasure Trolls.

*Jaime is a skilled pianist. But Jaime only plays when looking at sheet music. Can Jaime play that

  one song? Sure, get her the sheet music.  

*One day, Jaime met a Capuchin monkey named Maya. It was one of the best days of Jaime's life.